MarsColony 2.37

Explore and create a colony on the surface of Mars
2.37 (See all)

This is a simulator and its job is to simulate reality to a point. Since you are on an alien world there are considerations you have to make in order to survive.
You will spend time performing tasks required by the mission but there will be downtime and it would be much like sitting around a camp out in the woods. How would you entertain yourself? How well do you get along with others? Part of the simulation is just that. Human interactivity has to be at a maximum since there is no place else to go.

If you are outside and you get a storm warning, you need to get back to base as soon as you can. You can take shelter inside the ERV temporarily as long as you have enough oxygen in your backpack to survive the storm. Try to get back to the COHAB if you can, as long as you are out in the weather your health will degrade. Storms cause the temperature to fall to -80 c or so and your current EVA suit wont work well below -60c.

The Command and Habitation unit is what you will live and work in. It has an oxygen supply and a heater so you don’t need your EVA suit inside unless you let the cabin run out of oxygen. You can move between levels using the lift. Go into the alcove in the back of the COHAB unit and press the “U” key while targeting the control panel. You will be lifted or dropped to the other level. The airlock doors are operated using the switch by the door. Only one door in the airlock can be open at any given time. If you are standing in the doorway the door will not close until you move out of the way.

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